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Lohmann & Rauscher Wound Dressings

For Comfortable and Effective Healing Process

With R&D activities as its core over several decades, L&R offers a comprehensive range of innovative and hygiene dressings for the management of acute or chronic wounds.

In general, these dressings are categorized as Traditional Special Dressings and Advanced Moist Wound Dressings which are specially designed to promote effective wound healing yet gentle on the patients.


Phase-Specific Wound Management

hase-Specific Wound Management

L&R provides a complete and well-rounded solution that ensures optimum care for the patient throughout the entire process of healing - a three-phase process.

Physiological wound healing is a complex and dynamic process which always runs the same course for 21 days, regardless of the type of wound involved. This process typically includes three mutually dependent phases, with smooth, continuous transitions in between.

The exudation phase begins immediately after the injury, which involves a local inflammation that followed by heavy exudation. A perfect wound dressing from L&R would keep the wound moist and protect it against infection in this phase - the ideal basis for quick and efficient healing.

In the granulation phase, new cells are formed with good blood perfusion, while exudation decreases. L&R wound dressings could keep the wound from drying out, while efficiently absorbing any excess exudate, as well as providing safety from infection and mechanical damage and protecting the fresh tissue.

The epithelialisation phase is characterized by a progression in tissue differentiation and epithelialization, in which the wound is gradually covered. In this phase, L&R wound dressings promote the final stage of healing and the formation of fresh epithelial tissue by maintaining an optimum level of moisture and provide protection from outside influences.


Traditional Special Dressings

Every wound requires individualized care. Efficient use of the right products both speeds up the course of healing and saves money. These specialty wound dressings with properties suited for efficient, gentle wound care. They are easy to handle and user-friendly, can be used in a wide variety of situations and are very comfortable for the patient.

For the treatment of wounds with a high degree of exudate:
★ Vliwasorb
★ Vliwasorb adhesive
★ Vliwasorb Pro

For foul-smelling wounds at risk of infection and infected wounds:
★ Vliwaktiv Ag

For low-adherence dressing for a low-pain dressing change:
★ Solvaline N
★ Metalline
★ Lomatuell H


Advanced Moist Wound Dressings

When used in combination with each other, Suprasorb® advanced moist wound dressings provides a complete system for wound treatment throughout all phases of healing.

The following table shows how to choose an appropriate wound dressing based on four (4) key criterion: wound stage , depth of wound, risk of infection and degree of exudation.

Wound Dressing



♠ Superabsorbent Dressing

♠ With high absorption and retention capacity for heavily exuding wounds.


♠ Adhesive Tape

♠ Non-elastic, skin-friendly and tearable tape for retention of dressings, bandages, catheters, etc.


♠ Wound Dressing

♠ Non-adherent dressing pad for all types of wounds, esp. large area wounds.


♠ Dressing Cloth

♠ Non-adherent dressing to treat large injuries, burns, chemical burns and abrasions in first aid and emergency situations.

Suprasorb® F

♠ Film Wound Dressing

♠ Transparent polyurethane film for secure and flexible hold with high breathability.