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Pain-Free Alternative to Suturing


Backed by 50 years of clinical research, EPIGLU® closes all skin wounds up to 7 to 10 cm of length in just 20 seconds!

This innovative German tissue adhesive has high tensile strength and fast polymerization reaction with moisture, thus allowing an easy, effective and safe wound closure and wound healing of 55% faster than sutures!

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For Comfortable and Effective Healing Process

Lohmann & Rauscher Wound Dressings

With R&D activities as its core over several decades, L&R offers a comprehensive range of innovative and hygiene dressings for the management of acute or chronic wounds.

In general, these dressings can be categorized into Traditional Special Dressings and Advanced Moist Wound Dressings which are specially designed to promote effective wound healing yet gentle on the patients.

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