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Natural Protection from Dengue Mosquitoes

With clinical proven efficacy, Mos-kitto is an all-natural, DEET-free mosquito repellent spray that protects you and your loved ones against the potentially fatal dengue infection and unsightly scar resulted from irritated mosquito bites.


Why is preventing mosquito bites crucial?

Dengue cases in Malaysia remain to be at an alarming level, with death toll rises to 117 cases in just 6 months. Hence, it is important to take control measures to eliminate the mosquitoes and their breeding places, while protecting ourselves from mosquito bites.



★ Safe for children.

★ Non-Sticky

★ Refreshing Odor.

★ Easy-to-Use.

★ Leak-Proof Bottle.


The Uniqueness of MOS-KITTO

MOS-KITTO is proven to offer a safe and effective protection to you and your loved ones by repelling mosquitos that possibly carrying life-threatening viruses, especially dengue virus.

Moreover, it kills almost all the common germs on the skin, thus preventing skin irritation and scar development resulted from scratching an itchy mosquito bite.




Dengue Cases Statistic